Classic among the pools

Alfa Bazeni

Classic among the pools. It is positioned as free standing or installed in the field. As desired, they can be obtained in different sizes and depths.

Alfa Bazeni

They are statically resolved to be buried or laid on the ground. Pools with a depth of 1.50m must be dug at least 1/3. The steel wall is 0.60mm thick and at the pool 1.20m deep 0.80mm.

Alfa Bazeni

Warmly gavanised, polyester coated exterior, varnished inside and with perforated skimmer and inflow nozzle sections. The profile rails for the floor ring and the handle are made of steel, hot-dip galvanized and coated with plastic.

The price of the pool kit includes the following equipment:

Styropool pool wall, thermofilm, liner, ladder, skimmer, nozzle, filter substation kit (sand filter, pump), winter / summer overlay.

In addition to the basic equipment, we also have accessories : Robot vacuum cleaners, heat pumps, automatic water maintenance, etc.

Installation and site preparation are not included in the price. The cost of installation depends on the model / size of the pool and location and lasts 3-10 working days (without rain and inclement weather) after the completion of preparatory construction works. For site preparation (excavation, concreting slabs and walls) we cannot have a single price due to location, pool size and travel costs, and sometimes we advise clients that it is the most economical solution for them to find a local construction contractor that is simple and obtain detailed designs after an agreed collaboration .

Price of Pools

Dimension cmPrice  150/120
400 x 150 / 120 4200€ / 3800€ 
500 x 150 / 120 4950€ / 4500€ 
700 x 150 / 120 7800€ / 7500€ 

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