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Alfa Bazeni

In our experience so far, we have encountered a variety of challenges when it comes to deciding where to best locate swimming pool equipment.

Often filters, pumps and other equipment are placed in manholes near the pool or in some inaccessible places where the user does not have easy access. These are just some of the reasons why we decided on one such venture. In fact, our company has designed a solution to make it easier for customers to store and manipulate swimming pool equipment. weather and with, of course, a long-term warranty. It has everything you need to keep your equipment safe and thus safe from external influences, while being available for seamless use.

Alfa Bazeni

They are made in two models, two dimensions and both models have all the equipment. Also, we are able to offer "on demand" in terms of special materials and processing.We paid attention to make the installation of this small object simplified so that neither the client could and that it is "assembled" - naturally following the instructions provided with each item purchased.

House prices are sorted by the type of wood they are made of:

1.Whitewood 780€
2.white Pine 805€
3.Beech 800€
4.decking 680€
5.Compact panels 830€

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