In order to protect the pool from environmental influences, different bearings are used. One of the ids of these methods is the pool covers. The items mentioned can be classified into two groups:
1.Winter-summer covers
2.Day - Thermal Covers
The first group of covers is intended for “canning” the pool at the end of the season and protects the pool and even the pool water from soiling during the autumn / winter season.
The second group is made up of daily covers. As the name implies - they are used for daily protection, with these covers being placed on the surface of the water at the end of the day to maintain the water temperature overnight and prevent the pool from becoming dirty.

alfa bazeni

Rectangular Covers

Dimension cmPrice
5x3m 310€ 
6x3m 340€ 
7x3m 370€ 
7x3,5m 410€ 
7x4m 430€ 
8x4m 500€ 
9x4,5m 540€ 
9x5m 560€ 
alfa bazeni

Oval Covers

Dimension cmPrice
5x3m 280€ 
6,3x3,6m 340€ 
7x3m 350€ 
7,37x3,6m 370€ 
8x4m 410€ 
9,16 x 4,6m 500€ 
9 x 5m 560€ 
10,3 x 5m 610€ 
10 x 6m 740€ 
alfa bazeni

Oval Floating (Thermo) Cover

Dimension cmPrice
4.9x3m 340€ 
6.3x3.6m 490€ 
7x3m 440€ 
7.37x3.6m 510€ 
8x4m 600€ 
9x5m 820€ 
10.3x5m 890€ 
alfa bazeni

Rectangular Floating (Thermo) Cover

Dimension cmPrice
5x3m 380€ 
6x3m 400€ 
7x3m 420€ 
7x3.5m 490€ 
7x4m 540€ 
8x4m 600€ 
9x4m 680€ 
alfa bazeni

Hand Spinner for (Thermo) Cover

The easiest way to set and remove pool covers is with a hand Spinner. This reel is mobile and can be moved as needed.

Dimension cmPrice
260-430 690€ 
410-570 800€ 
530-690 920€